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Knock On Wood is your source for tree experts and services in the Middle Tennessee area.  Trees are a beautiful and integral part of our environment. They provide us with brilliance and life in spring, warm color and elegance in the fall, and they perfectly represent the cyclical nature of life. So why trust the care of your trees to anyone other than the experts at Knock On Wood?

Trees have come to stand for strength and longevity, but in order to keep them truly healthy and lush they require care and attention. At Knock On Wood we offer comprehensive tree trimming services, and with many years of experience, we have the skill and expertise to handle all of your tree care needs easily and efficiently. We can help you keep your trees looking beautiful and lush all year long!

Tree Service and Tree Removal

  • Founded on the principle of preserving our natural environment through proper care and technique, Knock On Wood respects the importance of tree service.
  • Devoted to the ecological impact and the aesthetic appeal that lush, healthy foliage brings to our everyday surroundings requires consistent care to maintain the structural integrity and longevity of your tree.
  • Well versed in tree issues in our Middle Tennessee environment.
  • Committed to giving you the best tree service experience in Middle Tennessee. 

Environmental Care

Expectations of Service

  1. It’s important to know what you’re signing up for, before you sign up. For that reason, we’ve provided a plain-english ‘rules of engagement’ to get everyone’s expectations on the same level. Please read website before signing up.

  2. WHY WOULD I WANT THIS?  Wood chips make a great mulch for your yard or garden. Mulching around garden beds and along pathways will help keep down weeds and retain moisture in your soil.  Wood chips aren’t like store-bought mulch. Please see what kind of product you’re getting before you sign up to receive a load.  Click to see more

24 -hour Emergency Service

Every year our area experiences its share of harsh weather. When you’re in need of help during these potentially hazardous situations Knock On Wood has a highly skilled hazard team ready to help you in your time of need!  Never hesitate to give us a call if you need tree removal services: 615-961-2442


GUARANTEED Service you can count on.

Knock On Wood pride ourselves on providing you with prompt service, and we have multiple crews available to handle several jobs. Crane rentals are also available. Tree service you can trust at prices you can afford. In business since 2010, we are dedicated to your tree service needs. From trimming to removal and stump grinding, one call will do the trick. Call us today at 615-961-2442 for your FREE estimate.


Get to know us as your tree care specialists

We are your tree care specialists. Most people only think of tree care when a limb breaks or a tree falls, but at Knock On Wood, we provide a wide range of arboricultural services throughout the Middle Tennessee area. Serving both residential and commercial customers, our experienced staff is trained the full range of services your trees may need, not just removal.

What we do

Our Services

From tree maintenance to tree restoration, Knock On Wood is a full tree and landscaping service provider in Middle Tennessee.

Safety is our #1 priority.  Fully licensed and insured, we can fall any tree in any surrounding environment, safely!

We aren’t just a tree service company.  We also offer landscaping services as well!

Whether you are a home owner, builder, or property manager, we will work hard for your business!

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